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Our Approach


Our expertise and our Innovation Readiness Index © to define an effective and sustainable innovation strategy and design innovative products and services



Our competence for innovative business development, digital ecosystem creation and customer centric user experience design



Our architectures and solutions design capabilities and the most advanced technologies for Mobile, Web, Omnichannel and Information System transformation

Business Transformation

Innovation strategy and roadmap:

  • Innovation Readiness Index ©
  • Innovation and Digital full potential evaluation
  • Innovation strategy design and planning
  • Circular innovation and sustainability strategy design and planning


Product and service innovation:

  • Design Thinking
  • Experiment Board
  • Lean Canvas
  • Creativity and brand development
  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Offer personalisation
  • Business model design

Innovative Ecosystem

Innovative business development:

  • Digital marketing, communication and customer caring
  • Sales and eCommerce full potential development
  • Innovative organisation design
  • Processes redesign for innovation and digital enablement
  • Innovation and digital culture introduction and transformation
  • Innovation and digital competences identification and training
  • Open innovation and crowdsourcing
  • Collaborative partners’ networks

User experience design:

  • Customer journey design
  • Customer interfacing processes and services design
  • User experience design and optimisation
  • User interfaces design

Digital Platform

Mobile, Web and omnichannel:

  • Mobile architectures and solutions
  • Web portals and m-sites design and optimisation
  • Omnichannel architectures and solutions

Information Systems transformation:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions
  • Analytics and big data solutions
  • Internet of Things enablement
  • Backend architectures optimisation
  • CRM and ERP optimisation
  • Cloud enablement
  • Infrastructure evolution
  • Technology operations optimisation
  • Lean IT and DevOps
  • Cybersecurity

About us

‣We are an independent, business and technology-oriented innovation consultancy firm

‣We apply leading-edge and proprietary tools and methodologies

‣We are a partnership of professionals, each with more than 20 years of experience in innovation

‣We served more than 50 international corporations, in more than 100 projects over time

‣We are focused on our clients’ success and have a strong track record of great business results for our clients

‣We are eager to work together with you to help you drive your business growth

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